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Founded in 2011, our factory has consistently upheld the principles of “quality first”, dedicating ourselves to exceptional service for every customer. As a robust bulk supplier, we’re equipped with high-precision 5-axis and 6-axis grinding machines, complemented by cutting-edge testing instruments. This enables us to maintain stringent quality control, ensuring that each product we craft meets the highest standards of excellence

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Our factory is home to an extensive collection of over 60 cutting-edge grinding machines, including renowned brands like Walter and Anka, as well as top-tier domestic models. In our commitment to precision, we’ve invested in more than 10 state-of-the-art imported Zoller tool detectors, supplemented by world-class Japanese tool detection technology. Specializing in the crafting of both standard milling cutters and bespoke non-standard cutters, our expertise ensures that every product we create meets the most stringent quality standards.

Advanced production technology

Our factory proudly hosts a fully automated production line dedicated to the manufacture of standard milling cutters, operated efficiently by a lean team of 4 to 5 skilled workers. The incorporation of advanced 6-axis robotic technology within all machine rooms, paired with automatic loading and unloading systems, epitomizes our commitment to innovation and efficiency. To further ensure the stability and consistency of our mass tool production, the entire workshop is meticulously maintained at a constant temperature and humidity. 

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As a powerful milling tool wholesale supplier in the milling cutter industry, we have earned numerous professional certifications, a testament to our commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest industry standards.

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As a manufacturer committed to integrity, we are proud to report a flawless performance rate of 100%, complemented by a remarkable customer repurchase rate of 63%.

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